The Sanai School Sargodha


a. All students are required/expected to:-
  i. Attend the School punctually, regularly and dress up neatly in the prescribed uniform.
  ii. Be present in the Morning Assembly and not to leave the School premises during working hours without the permission of the Principal.
  iii. Come with necessary books, exercise note books etc., required for the daily work. Home work must be done daily. No excuse in this respect will be entertained except illness.
  iv. Attend the School regularly. No leave of absence will he granted to them without a written application from the parent/guardian.
b. Students guilty of the following offences will be liable to expulsion from School.
  i. Using unfair means in examination/ tests, stealing and instances of moral turpitude.
  ii. Willful and deliberate damaging the School property.
  iii. Insolent and rude behavior with staff members.
  iv. Without proper cause, frequent absence from classroom and other School related activities. v. Gross violation of School rules.
  vi. Consistently poor performance in academics.
c. Every Staff member of the School has the right to check the students for the violation ofthe prescribed rules.
d. In the school permises principal is the absolut authority. He/She is empowered to impos fine or any suitable punishment for breach of discipline or disorderly behavior


Students are expected to he dressed in neat and clean prescribed school unirorm. The same can be acquired from any of the uniform centers.


a. Mixing ofdress and an incorrect pattern of prescribed uniform is not allowed.
b. Girls are not allowed to wear ear rings, finger rings, chains and any other ornaments.
c. Girl students must wear clean/tidy uniforms and use black hair bands, clips for their hair.
d. School badge / ID Card must be worn by each student


a. Dues once paid are not refundable.
b. All dues inclusive of miscellaneous expenses and other charges, will be deposited in designated branches of Bank Al-Habib or at school office.
c. Dues are charged for two months and must be paid in full, latest by the 22nd of the month. However parents desirous of availing monthly payment can do so by 10th of second month positively, fine will be imposed thereafer.
d. Students who join the School during the course of a term shall he charged full fee of that term. However, if the fee has been paid to the previous institution then it will he charged form the date/month of admission.


a. If the dues are not paid by the due the defaulter will be fined Rs. 50 everyday till payment of dues.
b. If Fee is not paid for consecutive months the name of the student will be stuck off.


Changes in fee structure and other charges are made by the Governing Body and are conveyed In the parents as and when made.


In case of prolonged absence on account of sickness, supported by a medical certificate, the principal may at her/his discretion, retain the student's name on the schools rolls, provided that his/her dues are paid regularly. Absentees with out application will be fined Rs.200 per day.


The security deposit may be refunded within two months from the date of withdrawal of the students. However, any miscellaneous School dues that are outstanding will be deducted before the withdrawal is allowed.


Such meetings are held after every term to discuss the progress of each student. It is expected that all parents/guardians will find time out of their busy schedules to attend the same.


All correspondence pertaining to the School should he addressed to the Principal.


School UAN : 03-111-222-757 for Junior School and 3216994 for Senior School. These can be contacted during working hours only. Web: Email:


Strict adherence to rules, regulations and a high standard of discipline is expected from all the students. Those found guilty of violation of School rules are liable to he removed from this institution. Co-operation of parents/guardians with the School administration is essential for the healthy development of their children.


Due to traffic congestion, one way traffic is observed at Junior section. Traffic coming in should come from the side other than main road and exit towards main road. This practice will help everyone and a smooth flow oftraffic will be ensured. We welcome you all to join Sanai School System, an institution having an environment which promises enriching and exciting learning experience.