The Sanai School Sargodha

Innovated & inspired modern education standards with universally acclaimed academic excellence of students for more than one quarter of a century

The year 1990 marks a year of ambitious resolve in history of Sanai School as well as Sanai family. At the time, when foundation of Sanai Academy was being laid, no one could imagine that this little institute which is taking care of its seeds and seedlings would one day shine as a big beaming star on the educational horizon of sargodha and become an exceptional educational hub. Twenty nine years ago, in 1990, with 17 students and 2 faculty members, the determined administration visioned, to create a new generation for our future brightness with the dint of focused struggle. Sanai Academy went a long way in winning the trust of people that turned Sanai Academy into sanai School System. Sarghodians join Sanai School System in paying homage to its illustrious forebear Mrs. Akhtar Sanai who gave Sarghodians a vision and then exercised that exemplary leadership which brought Sanai School System, to such a brilliance. Sanai School System in its journey from start to present took many challenges and successfully went through them proving that believe in one self is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture. Such belief and realization, bring someone closer to his goal. In all total of 13 appearences in board examination. SSS has been successful and honoured to be amongst the positions every year and total of 33 top positions have been bagged by SANAI uptill 2019. The hallmark of all has been the ultimate achievement of GPA of 6/6, means all 163 students appearing secured top grade of A+ in board. This is the achievement which can only be dreamed of, but SANAI has made it a reality. Every year since its inception has been heralding the new phase in future history of Sanai School System as at every step of every turn, it is determined to fuel the nation with best quality education