The Sanai School Sargodha


As a rule, there is only one point of entry and that is in the nursery section of the School. Parents/guardians may get their children registered when they attain the age of minimum 3 years. Students under 3 years will not be registered. Admission beyond nursery section can be granted subject to the availability of seats. A non refundable registration fee is to be paid with each application. This registration is valid for one admission test only. The prescribed application form is attached.All the students thus registered will be called for tests and interview for which date will be announced. Candidates will have to appear at the time and dates fixed for test/interview or else their registration will be treated as cancelled. Admission will be based on a candidate’s performance in the test and availability of seats in the respective classes. Those finally selected for admission will be required to join the School as per instructions of the Principal.Except in special circumstances, nobody is admitted in any class after the commencement of the academic year.

Seats occurring vacant during the course of an academic year are kept unfilled till the beginning of next session. As for exceptional cases, they will be admitted during the first and second terms subject to availability of seats and their qualifying the admission tests.


Uniformity of age group in respective classes is ensured at the time of admission. Candidate's appearance should conform to his/her declared/recorded age. An overgrown student asking for admission in lower class will not be considered. He/ She may, however, be admitted to a class appropriate to his/ her apparent age, provided seat exists in that class and he/ she clears the prescribed entrance test.