The Sanai School Sargodha

Mrs. Akhtar Sanai

The Founder of Sanai School System

Foundations of our perspective are the things we have always stood for celebrating diversity, creativity

Ma'am Akhtar Sanai, was the most refined lady.She was a great mentor and an inspire. Her charismatic personality inspiration the generations when we see her courage and braver.The path of life she found was not paved with velvety turf, she had to face many hardships to cover the distance . She spent an exemplary life. She was the emblem of strength and courage. She was just of 18 years old student at Ali Garh when she absorbed first jolt of life and lost her father, that she resisted quite calmly. Being the oldest one, the compassionate young lady struggled hard and protected her siblings along with desperate mother and grandmother.

She had to cross another giant barrier when at the age of 32 she was left alone with four children and once again, like a sailing cloud, she protected them as a guardian, serenely and passionately, After graduating from Aligrah university in 1945, she spent 3 years of life in pedagogic services in Bhopal, India. She migrated to Pakistan in 1947. She got married in 1950. When she went to presentation convent school for the admission of her son, the nuns in the school were more interested in the mother’s pedagogic services than the son’s education. It took the nun’s of convent, lots of time to convince Sanai family that the lady has to perform a bigger task than an ordinary house wife. Ultimately , she started pedagogic journey again and joined presentation convent high school in 1955 and was honorably retired from the job in 1988. Replete with passion to educate people, she layed down the foundation of Sanai School System in 1990 and by further 26 year's of undaunting struggle and hard work, she achieved the zenith of glory. During her 70 year of dedication, devotion and positive contribution in education the people at different forums won her many hearts.Fighting a herculean battle throughout her life and by making many people influential, she proved herself a great educationist, an exceptional mentor, an epitome of strength and a paradigm humanitarian, and on 22nd April, 2016 she met the eternity. May Allah bless her soul! Amen!