The Sanai School Sargodha

A milestone in Computer Aided Learning solutions for school and colleges An interactive educational tool comprising of science and mathematics curriculum for Grade levels 3D Animated movies in 'Broadcast' quality (suitable for TV, Computer and projector output) Pedagogical way of conceiving & perceiving Fascinates children towards learning The best teaching teaching aid in the world.


Keeping pace with technology, the objective of educational institutions in the world today is to incorporate a methodology which will.
a:Capture the interest of student in science and mathematics by showing them 3D Animations
b:Help students to better understand the concept
c:Take student away from rote learning
d:Enable self learning and faster revision
e:Most importantly , provide teachers a tool to enable students to visualise the scientific and Mathematical concepts.


a: Keep the student attention riveted to the screen
b: Easire understanding of complex concepts
c: Better retention
d: Make up for deficiency of infrastrucuture in Science Laboratories
e: Make tedious subjects and topics interesting
f: Sanai has provide to be one of the pioneers in Pakistan to have introduced this system in its teaching enviorment. Sanai are quite sure that the system will have defining effect on the students learning of complicated conceps of science & maths.When this is achieved SANAIS will feel satisfied, that the large investment put in the project has been fruitful. Sanai enjoys the unique privileged to be one of the pioneers in Pakistan to introduce this system in the school